Thanks to our universal fleet your business is set to its way to achieving greatness. The entire fleet can be employed for a multitude of target goals. Is it exposure you are looking for? Take a look at our designs like the pop-up store, a showroom or a hospitality and meeting lounge. We will go the extra mile to ensure your stand catches the eye of all visitors.

But why stop there? Have you thought about combining a roadshow with more than one exhibition? Our tools give you the unique opportunity to literally go the extra mile. Instead of setting up at just one exhibition, simply drive the entire showroom to the next one and expand your reach like never before.

Everything can be set up according to your wishes and end-goals, our versatile team will make sure of it. In collaboration with Movico you will benefit from our years of mobile experience, turning standard exhibitions into your private stage.

Our adaptability, flexibility and mobility ensures there are no roadblocks in your way.

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