Mobile Offices

We take care of crews of any size and shape. Our multifunctional units are suitable for teams ranging from 5 to 40 individuals, spread out over separate offices, or one big suite. You decide which set-up of the office trailer you need, from ‘concentrate hard and think big’ mobile offices to units with a great view over the event.

IT & Timing Services

Each unit is set up from top to bottom, including wiring and cabling, server installations and other technical facilities. We provide you with all the essentials to ensure that your team can perform excellent IT and timing services at any desired location.

  • Multifunctional unit: mobile studio, mobile office, medial control station and more
  • Total floor space ranging from 10 to 30m2
  • Facilities for 5 to 40 persons
  • Extendable & non-extendable
  • Suitable for any location
  • Climate control system is standard integrated
  • Optional: WiFi, audio and video system, toilet and kitchen

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