Our new transformer: the Giant XL - Movico
Giant XL - Movico

Our new transformer: the Giant XL

Driven by our ambition to create impact Movico proudly presents the release of the beast; the Giant XL!

The Giant XL is the next generation mobile event structures and the ultimate solution for hospitality and brand experiences.

In 1 single transport, with 2 pair of hands and within 3 hours a 45-foot container unit transforms into a triple deck venue with the volume of six 45-foot containers and viewing deck on top. Equipped with climate control, led lighting and more tech features it offers 180 square meters to create an exclusive hospitality area for your guests at sports events and corporate marketing events.

The Giant XL is completely in-house developed and built by Movico. Our 25 years of experience, ingenious technology, craftsmanship and smart logistics are the ingredients for this revolutionary mobile event structure. Sustainable by its footprint, flexible by its adaptability, exposing by its size, imposing by its presence, safe by its strength.

Want to to know more about this new transformer?

Get in touch with our Sports Events Specialist, Matthijs Smit! He wil answer all your questions about the Giant XL